Advertising on Radio Mercury Remembered is easy and costs much less than you might think. 

There are many ways to advertise with Radio Mercury Remembered and here's how -

1)   Take an advertising spot in one of our main ad breaks.  The spots are geo-targeted, allowing you to target French listeners in France, German listeners in Germany. Italians in Italy and so on. During normal broadcasting, we will have a maximum of two main breaks per hour and they only last a maximum of two minutes each - far less than traditional commercial radio.

2)  You can choose to take a 'home' ad, these are often played immediately after the news bulletins at the top of the hour or sports/entertainment news around half past the hour. We administer these ads in-house and our team can even script, record and produce the perfect ad for you. As we include these ads during the body of our programming they get heard all around the world, yet at home prices.

3)  Sponsorship - this is a great way of getting your message out there, we have various sponsorship opportunities available. A) Sponsor a regular feature like 'Top Telly Tunes' or 'World Weekend Weather' or 'The Love Express'. B) Sponsor the whole station for a day, a week, a month or even the year. These sponsorship plans do change and are negotiable, however on previous occasions, our week sponsor had a recorded commercial played once each hour and a further two sponsorship credits by our presenters each hour as well.

4)   Become our partner.  This is the most inclusive package available, it includes text/graphic ads on this site (where the other ads are at present)  Two ad sports each hour (after the news and at half past the hour) a further two mentions by our presenters each hour. It's like sponsorship, only better! The minimum duration of a 'partnership' arrangement is two months.

For more details and rates please contact our sales office sales @