Just a few images and promotional literature from the archives
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Broadfield House in Crawley was our original home and served as a great place to broadcast from. Situated in the Broadfield Park nature reserve, it had an expense of grass behind it and a large lake beside it. 

This Grade II listed 19th century villa has had many uses over the years since it was constructed in 1830. It has been a drinking and country club (one of its visitors was John George Haigh - the infamous acid bath murderer and allegedly he met at least one of his victims there)

Queen Victoria is also known to have visited the villa during its days at the Radio Mercury head office and main studio site there was a large framed photograph of the occasion which used to dominate the reception area. The building was also used by the Crawley Development Coropration, so it is fair to say that the modern new town of Crawley was designed from the building during the late 1940's and 1950's

More recently it's been a school,  which has since closed and now, well the building is waiting for a new owner to love it.

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Here are some of our original presenters -

Chris Oxlade
The very first programme guide 

Just a couple of  the many varieties of car sticked we produced over the years.

Here are some of the large info sheets and leaflets we produced around the merger between County Sound and Radio Mercury and the relaunch of the stations 

Me in the studio and below on stage at a road show with Jon Scragg

Our ever popular Mercury Man

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